Visiting the birthplace of the Flamenco and the home of real Madrid!

Madrid really impressed me; the cheer size of the city, the buildings the HUGE amount of people who are still out way past midnight… it really show this city is one of the Europe’s biggest and most vibrant cities.

As I arrived a couple of hours before my colleague I decided to start exploring the city on my own… lots of really impressive buildings, shops and restaurants (tapas!) are scattered around the city. While walking the city I came across some pretty impressive squares – Plaza Major being a very good example of this – if you are there make sure to pay a visit to ‘La Torre del Oro’ which is a small tapa’s bar that is run by (retired) matadors… the walls of this bar are decorated with pictures of these matadors on a day where ‘The Bull Won’… sorry but: LOL! (I hate events where animals are killed for the entertainment of people!)

Another thing that surely needs to be said about Madrid is the fact that they have GREAT ‘Hop ON / Hop Off’ –tours; me and my colleague took a ticket for two days and that allowed us to see the whole of the city of Madrid – which is as stated before HUGE! Obviously one of the stops on these guided tours is the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium – the home of Real Madrid! This stadium is was opened in 1947 and has a capacity of 84,454 people! Because this was the first real football stadium I visited it really left quite an impression on me; I also enjoyed the exhibition that is constantly on display in the stadium.

Each evening it was really nice to walk the small streets which are filled with tapa’s bars and pubs where one can enjoy live flamenco music; each evening the streets and bars were completely packed – incredible just how many people are out on the streets! On one of the evenings my colleague and me had dinner in the World’s Oldest Restaurant (according to the Guinness Book of Records) which is called ‘Casa Botin’ and was founded on 1725. The specialties of this restaurant are roasted suckling pig and lamb – one of the stories about this restaurant is that Goya washed dishes here before he became a famous painter. This restaurant is so popular that the owners have meanwhile opened a branch in Miami, Florida. To be honest: I was not that impressed with the quality of the food – but the charm of this restaurant goes without speaking!

The one thing I will never forget about my trip to Madrid is the taxi ride my colleague and me took from the hotel to the DP-DHL location in Madrid… it is way too long to tell here but if you know me personally there is a good chance you have already heard the story… let’s just say: Michael Bay couldn’t have directed it better… a real thriller… pfff…

A collection of pictures I made while being in Madrid can be found here hope you enjoy them!