Greece - Crete / Rethymno May 2014 | Album Page 01

Views of Rethymno

Rethymno Harbor by Night (Old Town)

One of the main advantages of my new camera: the ability to take pictures in very low-light situations!

Rethymno Beach by Night

A stunning view of one of the beaches near the Old Town of Rethymno... while the sun is setting.

Rethymno Harbor - By Night

Evening view on the restaurants in the harbor of the Old Town of Rethymno - a really romantic place!

Rethymno Street with Stores

One of the many small streets in the Old Town with only stores and restaurants... great places there!

Rethymno - Bars (1)

A small Popcorn-stall on the avenue close to the Old Town of Rethymno... always packed with people!

Rethymno - Bars (2)

Another view on the avenue which consists of small shops, restaurants and pubs... the place to be!