My Buddy | Album Page 01

Meet my 'little' Rascal (1)

Young Buddy

Little Buddy: an insecure Lab but all he wants to do is play!


Bug as he is he still knows how NOT to break the balloon!

Hey Boss!

He used to love balloons... now he is afraid of them!

Bud in the Snow

Even snow can't keep this crazy beast from playing!

Bud and Lexx

Together with his friend Lexx... intimidating sheperd!

Take It Easy!

One of Bud's main qualities: relaxing in his basket!

Me and My Boss...

My Boss and my Toy Chicken... what more can we want?

Bud the Model

He just loves to assist his boss by playing the Model!

Bud the Model (2)

... and over the years he is actually one of the best models!


Can you get that bloody thing out of my face and let me sleep?


OK, I just know someone is having a BBQ... where is it?

Personal Hygiene

Boss... do you still not know that 'dirty' is the new 'clean'?