Driving the Amalfi coast with a rented bike does not directly give you the same feeling as when you're doing this on the X-Box in a Lamborghini Gallardo... to be honest: it feels better!

When I arrived in Napoli and had checked-in into my hotel I decided the explore a bit of the city of Napoli; I discovered that Napoli is a big city with a lot of history which is basically divided into several different ‘areas’ (e.g. the Spanish quarter) – not all of them have the reputation to be the safest for tourists… but I cannot say I had any issues or felt un-safe… nothing different than any other major city.

At the end of my first day I discovered that the list of ‘things to do and sites to visit’ that my dear Italian friend made would have taken me about 4 days to complete (when temperatures rise above 26 degrees I tend to slow-down considerably) so I decided that I had to focus on a couple of items on that list. I decided to spend 1 day on the island of Capri and another day to explore the Amalfi coast (this one I already knew as it is one of my favorite race locations when playing the Xbox).

I can only say that both locations were AMAZING; each one I can compare with my number 1 holiday location: the South of France. I believe the island of Capri can be easily compared with the city of Saint-Tropez – really romantic with beautiful views on the sea, nice shops and nature – obviously Capri is a lot bigger than Saint-Tropez…. So basically it is even better than the South of France… I discovered the island on a rented scooter – I really recommend this as you avoid the (crowded) public transportation!

Similar experience when exploring the Amalfi coast; again I rented a scooter and – once I finally managed to exit Sorrento in one piece – drove from Sorrento to Positano and from there to the town of Amalfi. The views you encounter are very similar to the ones you have when driving the ‘Corniche D’or’ between Cannes and Nice – but again: the Amalfi coast is much longer so in that respect you can state that – again – Italy wins over the South of France…

Overall this was a GREAT city trip and I would be amazed if I would not return to this piece of heaven on earth… Back at home I checked the pictures I took and post-processed them… normally I end up with something like 30 – 50 pictures and this time I processed more than 140 (!) pictures… that says it all, no?

On the top of this page you can already see some of the photo's I took during this city trip; all others can be found HERE.