Spending time amongst Friends and further Explore the Island.

Yes, you are absolutely right… this is my 3rd visit to this beautiful Island in less than one year! Guess you know by now that Crete – and more specifically – Rethymno has become my number one holiday destination! Yes, it is a gorgeous island with great beaches, interesting building, a rich history and very kind people… but for me these are all just ‘nice to have’ – the real reason I love this place so much are the people I met during my previous visits. And who does not enjoy spending time with friends… surely in such a nice environment.

During this stay I decided to drive to some areas of the island I had not yet seen… and although the drives were long and exhausting (guess I drove close to 1,400 KM in total) they were really interesting and fun! One of these new locations was Elafonisi; a beach which is known for its pink (!) sand. And beside the pink sand I must say that Elafonisi is indeed more than worthwhile a visit – it resembles the beaches that are found in the Dominican Republic… really special for Crete!

My second (very) long trip was basically driving the complete East-side of the island. This trip took me through following towns: Rethymno – Heraklion – Malia – Agios Nikolaos – Sitia – Ierapetra – Myrtos – Agioi Deka – Heraklion and finally back to Rethymno. This trip alone was about (or even more than) 500 km and most of them are in the Cretan hills (for someone with fear of height’s like me they are referred to as ‘huge mountains’!) so require quite some attention! But it was a great drive, I saw so many different landscapes and interesting places that I am sure I will do this trip again in a couple of years!

One day before I flew back I also drove to Knossos - the capital of Minoan Crete and considered as the oldest European city! According to Greek mythology, the palace was designed by famed architect Dedalos with such complexity that no one placed in it could ever find its exit. King Minos who commissioned the palace then kept the architect prisoner to ensure that he would not reveal the palace plan to anyone.

All other days I enjoyed the hospitality of the Cretan people, their great food, the sun and the beach and I can tell you: you will never get enough of that! (Needless to say I will be spending a couple of weeks on some special diets).

I really love this island and can’t wait for season 2015 so I can go back and see some more of this perfect holiday location – and see my friends again hopefully!

But please... do not take my word for it... have a look at the pictures I shot during this holiday! You can find them here. I really hope you like them!