Visiting my 'old' friends and making some new ones... and further exploring the Island.

If you have been reading my holiday adventures that are posted on this site you will know that my last trip was to Rethymno, a small but very nice and romantic town on the Isle of Crete. That holiday was so nice and I met so many nice people over there that I just had to return and that is exactly what I did last May.

And also my 2nd visit did not disappoint! Quite the opposite I must say… it was even better than my first – and the biggest reason for that is the fact that Sabine (one of the people I met on the first visit) joined me and we had a great time… Together we (re-)explored part of the island, checked-out the local wines and just had fun together with the other people we both know.

This holiday was extra special for me because I knew that, 4 days after my return, I would need to undergo major surgery and would be ‘out’ for quite a while. So you can imagine that I enjoyed it to the fullest! Every day was filled to capacity… and ended with just too much of the nice Cretan wine or any other type of alcohol 

The highlights of this holiday? Well… I will never forget the excursions with Sabine in our rental car where we went into the mountains looking for the Cretan Bold Eagles… and discovering that both of us have an important issue with heights and drop-offs… Although we had days were the temperature was way above 30 degrees I must say that I never shed that much sweat than I did during that trip… and I am quite sure the same applies for Sabine!

Also the evenings we spend in the restaurant of Sabine’s boyfriend ‘Takis’ were also extremely nice, not only for the great Cretan food (which I really love!!!) but also because, yet again, we met a lot of interesting people and had a lot of really great discussions.

I can already tell you that this will not be my last visit to this wonderful place… as a matter of fact… I have already booked my next holiday there… just have to wait until September and fun can start again! Just need to make sure I am completely recovered by then!

Obviously there are not that many new pictures but as I took the new camera with me I was now able to take some shots which were just not possible before – you can view the picture here. (I particularly like the ones I tool in the evening / night…)