Photo Trip - Gliders in Goetsenhoven (2013-08-31) | Album Page 01

When you feel like taking pictures you need to go out in the field...

Ready to Take-off!

Performing the last checks before leaving the runway!

Let the Fun begin!

Wheels-up for these two 'birds'... have a safe flight!

Impressive Start of Flight

A Dramatic view on a perfect star of a great flight!

The (DP) DHL Glider in Mid-Air

I have been working for DHL for more than 22 years but this was the first time I saw a DHL glider!

A Close Call!

Thanks to the person in the white Volvo for pointing-out that I was taking pictures in the middle of the landing-path of this bird!

Back Home!

A perfect landing after yet another perfect flight on a Sunny Saturday afternoon!